This is Jon Cram!

I make software for the web. I own and develop the UK's leading pay-as-you-go web hosting provider and am currently building a professional web frontend testing service.

I worked previously for Box UK and limegreentangerine before founding Simply Testable.

Products of mine

Hosting Reborn Pay As You Go Hosting

Pay as you go web hosting with free registration, no monthly/annual contracts and no limits.

Simply Testable Automated Web Testing

Automated professional front-end web testing. Takes the pain out of trivial front-end testing.

Recent ramblings

Symfony Container-Aware Migrations

The Simply Testable core application uses Doctine migrations to handle database schema changes. Combined with the DoctrineMigrationsBundle this provides an excellent means for automatically generating migrations based on entity changes. This is the right way... Read more

I Make web sites web apps The Internet!

As a software developer, your appreciation of what you know progresses in waves. This is a process familiar to all software developers. The process tends to be: learn something realise that with what you know... Read more

Getting to Building

In my most recent job I put in place a continuous integration system that spawned an army of quality-related jobs the instant changes were pushed to a central git repository for a given site. I... Read more

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